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Kamchuen is into renting of heavy-duty equipment and processing of Lithium Ore
Who We Are

About Kamchuen

Kamchuen holdings is a world-class and one of the largest providers of rental equipment/machineries in Zimbabwe. We understand the vital role technology plays in your business and we provide the best and most reliable machineries for your business.
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What We Do

Book a Truck, excavator or front end loader

All over Zimbabwe, you can order for a Truck excavators and front ends to implements for any stage of your mining and road construction process. From land preparation, to harvesting the ore, ​no matter what stage you are, our machineries will get to you in the shortest time possible once you make an order.

Equipment Maintenance

We offer maintenance services for machines and spare parts. You won’t have to worry about mining farm equipment breaking down on your farm ever again.

Lease your Tractor

Want to make some extra income as a tractor owner? Get in touch with us to lease to farmers for a profit. Monitor and track your farm machinery, and its work rates throughout the whole process.
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Our Vision

To become the best and most reliable machinery rental company in Africa.

We are trusted by many

Our team helped businesses expand exponentially, and our work is top-notch. We always go extra mile for our customers.

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